This site is intended to be used by me as a platform in which not only promote some of the work I do, but also to see about using my images to allow me keep doing what I love, as it is my deep love for photography, specially black and white photography in 35mm, format in which all the photographs seen here have been made.

For this reason, all the images shown here are for available for purchase as prints.

I do put a lot of passion on what I do, and this being said, I value you for deciding to purchase a print. Is not an easy thing to do. Money is money and you could spend it somewhere else, however when there is something that speaks to you, it does it and I know that feeling.

Purchasing a print from this site not only will allow me to continue doing work, and not only taking photographs, but also participating on different activities related to photography in general, as it is shows, presentations, etc.

Every Monday, I will upload 7 images from recent and not so recent work, hoping to bring something to your week. You don't need to purchase to visit this site. I just hope you enjoy this work so much that maybe someday you'll find something here you may want to look at beyond the screen.

My kind regards to you,

F. Martín Morante.