Frequent Asked Questions

This page is intended to answer some questions, however do not hesitate to contact me if any question is not answered in this page. Please use the information provided in the CONTACT tab.

Is this your work?

Yes, all photographs shown here have been taken by me.

How long have you been taking photographs?

I have been taking photographs for almost 20 years.

Why 35mm?

I simply LOVE the format. This is how I started taking photographs and it is the format I feel more comfortable. I do other formats, specially 4x5, but 35mm is what keeps me hooked.

Do you do only black & white?

No, however I like to print these images in the darkroom on my own. I do not have training in color printing, neither I want to offer prints made by someone else.

Are any of these images originally taken in color and printed as black & white?

No way Jose.

How long does it take to have a print shipped?

I'll ask you to allow me 7 days for the print to ship. If needed sooner, I can try to make it happen.

Do you really will make only 5 prints of each image seen here?

Yes, I am not intending to milk the same cow over and over. I just want to sell what I do to be able to keep doing what I do, not to get rich. From those 5 prints, most likely 3 will go out for sale. I would like to keep 2 for myself.

What if I want the photo but would like other size and other paper or canvas...?

Sorry but I have to set some parameters. The prints are made the same way I do most of my work in 35mm and to change that will be to change who I am. Plus, come on...let's keep it simple ;)

Do you deliver prints? 

Only if it is inside 20-25 miles radius from where I live, but price will be still the same.

Do you do commissioned work?

Yes I do. But that's a total different set of rules. Feel free to e-mail me if you have something in mind.

What if I don't like the print once it arrives?

I try my best at making the prints exactly the way you are seeing them in the screen. Or better say, I try to have the prints in the site to look as they would in print. If you are not happy with what you received, please contact me about it no longer than 7 days after you received it. Refund would be offered minus return shipping, meaning you will have to pay for the return. Items should be returned with all packaging.

What if the print arrives damaged?

I try my best at packaging the prints very carefully, however things can happen, I know.

If the print arrives damaged for some reason, I will offer you either a full refund and return paid by me or I will be glad to send you another print. Photo proof of damage will be required.